Hi, I’m Lois Caron

I enjoy refurbishing Sacred Statues. It is a wonderful hobby working on old statues and seeing them brought back as close to original as I can. It makes me feel a closer relationship with Jesus and his sacred Mother Mary.

I also enjoy the enthusiasm with the finished product when I get to return it to the owner and see their love of God and hear the stories behind each statue. Please CLICK on the MENU under PROJECTS to see more before and after photos of the statues I have worked on.

Early on

I am so fascinated by old religious statues. 15 years ago I was allowed the opportunity to work on a statue of Mary that originated in a church in Cabana, Saskatchewan. It was broken and chipped and required a lot of work. I had to fill in the crown on her head, the shoulder on baby Jesus in her arms and numerous chips and bumps before repainting. It is especially difficult to paint areas that have a lot of gold design. When I had completed, my sister-in-law was gracious enough to let me keep her for the time being as I had a beautiful lighted alcove that she fit perfectly in. I am forever grateful to Pauline and Dave for getting me started on a wonderful hobby that has brought me closer to God and my Christianity.


I currently still work part time as a nurse so I don’t always have the time to work on as many statues as I would like. I also am suffering from an injury to my shoulder and arthritis in my hands so I don’t take on as many projects, however I always wanted to share these pictures on a website and I hope that you enjoy looking through some of the before and after pictures of my work. Please click on the menu and find projects to see more.